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The standard method of raising an issue with the Customer Support Team is via a Trouble Call.

A Trouble Call can be used in any of the following circumstances:

  • Program Error - request to correct an error in existing software.
  • Information Request - requesting further information or guidance in relation to the software application or documentation.
  • Documentation Defect - request to have a defect/error/omission in the documentation remedied.
  • Enhancements - request to implement changes that will alter the existing functionality of the existing software or add new functionality to the system.


  1. How do I initiate a Trouble Call?

    Trouble Calls can be raised by phone, fax or e-mail to the Customer Support Team. Where possible, a separate Trouble Call should be raised for each problem as this greatly improves control and work flow. To record the status open Trouble Calls, a Trouble Call log should be maintained by the customer.

  2. How are Trouble Calls assessed?

    The Trouble Call is carefully evaluated by the Customer Support Analyst in order to assess the type of problem or modification, the priority rating for the Trouble Call, the charge category that applies, and the subsequent action to be taken.

    All calls are responded to in a timely manner.

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